What is wrong with long distance train travel in the US?

I am excited by train travel, always have been. I like riding on trains (Ashby to Embarcadero or Beijing to St Petersburg), watching trains on film (my favorite Bond film is ‘From Russia with Love’) and playing with toy trains (gosh the memories). However, when a group of friends and I recently had the opportunity to ride the Amtrak from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, we decided on renting a car instead. Why is that? Continue reading What is wrong with long distance train travel in the US?

Blog-lite, Starbucks in Nevada

Looks good doesn't it...

TTTE was none too impressed when Starbucks started showing up in its home town. Mocking references to “double orange mocha frappucinos” and “Starf**ks” were made on more than one occasion. But your correspondent didn’t just talk the talk, (other than one frustrating attempt to steal their wireless internet) TTTE had never set a foot inside one of their their faux-local, espresso by numbers, globe gobbling outlets.

That all changed today, at Breakfast time. Continue reading Blog-lite, Starbucks in Nevada

Blog-lite, holiday edition. A microbrew review

Captain Frugal and his platoon of tightwads normally stick to supermarket cubes of generically brewed, watery beer. But when on holiday, and microbrews are around $6.99 a six-pack, penny-pinching gives way to experimentation and assessment. We sipped a selection of employee-owned, windmill-powered, carbon neutral beers, long on self-referential label spiels, and short on neon advertising.

But most beer reviews are too wanky. Here are real unprepared comments sought from people actually drinking the beers in question.

Continue reading Blog-lite, holiday edition. A microbrew review