Rolls Royce Drivers are Baby Killers

You can say this for capitalism. It’s a civilising influence.

Back in the day, when people wanted to demonstrate their power, they’d sack a few local villages, slaughter the menfolk, and hang the plundered booty from the ramparts.

The modern-day descendants of these megalomaniacs are calling for more market research, making the logistics budget lean, and driving a Mercedes.

It could be a lot worse. Demonstrating your power by compelling a factory-full of Germans (with compulsory superannuation and health insurance) to do eight-hour days until your new SLK is ready is not such an ill.

But as our civilisation become more civilised, our moral quandaries grow more subtle. Continue reading Rolls Royce Drivers are Baby Killers

Racial Violence

Melbourne is in the midst of an epidemic of racial violence.  Maybe.

In recent times, a number of Indian people have been attacked. Last week Nitin Garg, a 21-year-old Indian man was killed in Yarraville.

I’ll admit it.  Australia is racist.  Let’s go back to Cronulla beach and the southern cross supermen. There’s enough racism in the city and suburbs to provide for a racially motivated attack.

The circumstantial evidence is circling this event like a pack of ravenous sharks.  Are we going to let the narrative of racial hatred consume this latest event? or does logic demand that we see if we can wrest it from its jaws? Continue reading Racial Violence

# Bling-a-Ding-Ding #

Bling isn’t for everyone.  The Atlantic reports that University of Chicago economists found that black families spent 25 % more on BMWs, finger-rings and Yves Saint Laurent than a white family of the same demographic.

Each day, this blog is forged within the solid gold frame of this very macbook.

They tested this finding out in a bunch of other circumstances.  They found rich white people in South Carolina spent far more on bling than those in California.  A theory started to emerge.

Conspicuous consumption is stronger among people from social groups that are on average, poorer.    It’s why Jay-Z video’s have Rolls Royces in them. He’s from the projects.  It might explain why the Chinese are so keen to buy cars. It could even explain why, back in the day this lady’s great-great-great-grandfather thought it would be totally sweet to have a hat made of gold. Suck on that, peasants!

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