This site belongs to Jason Murphy, a Melbourne-based economist and writer.


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I can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.


I am open to media invitations to discuss economic and business issues. I have been a talking head on the evening news, a daytime panel show and ABC’s Lateline.

I am a frequent guest on radio, appearing on the ABC, the BBC World Service, commercial radio and community radio.

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I do commercial and journalism work. I have written news, opinion and analysis for outlets including The Guardian,, The New Daily, The Lowy Interpeter and Crikey. I make great graphs.

I have written major public reports for the private and public sectors, press releases and blog posts. If you believe I can help your organisation, please get in touch.


I have experience as a panel member at public events and am an acclaimed public speaker, MC and compere.


The blog began in 2009 as a project with James Cleaver. It went on hiatus from 2010 to 2013 while I worked at the AFR and is now back, much more focused on economics. I post intermittently these days.

It is not designed for people with economics PhDs. It is for smart people of all stripes. I welcome your views on anything posted – please leave a comment!