Is Dick Smith being ironic?

Counter culture radical, Dick Smith, the man whose face adorns a chain of consumer electronics stores across Australia, as well as untold millions of jars full of processed peanut fat, has launched a campaign to cut consumption.

He wants an Australian under 30 to ‘impress (him) by becoming famous” in their fight against our march to consumptive satiation.

Counter capitalist HQ

The reward?

one MILLION dollars!

To be spent, presumably, on creating a new lifestyle for yourself. I’m thinking a new apple Mac for crafting anti-consumption polemics, some tweed jackets with elbow patches, a Prius and a garage to keep it in, might as well buy a nice new house and fill it up with energy-rated Miele appliances, and when I’m not there, I’ll head off on trips around the world (first or business? hmm….) to attend sustainability conferences, maybe get myself a book deal or a talk show or a newspaper column. Oh yes. Consumption is evil.

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