Are you bear aware?

We are heading up to Yellowstone National Park next week. With a population of about 600 Grizzly Bears (they’re the big ones, compared to the Black Bears in Yosemite), I thought it was time to become bear aware.

Here is a choice paragraph from the Rough Guide:

If attacked, things are truly grim. With Grizzlies, playing dead – curling up in a ball, protecting you face, neck and abdomen – is the most effective response. Fighting back will only increase the ferocity of a grizzly attack, and there’s no way you are going to win. Keep your elbows in to prevent the bear rolling you over, and be prepared to keep the position for a long time until the bear gets bored. You may get one good cuff and a few minutes’ attention and that’s it – injures may still be severe but you’ll probably live.


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