Canadian astronomers discover the world’s smallest planet!

The ABC reports on this momentously tiny discovery:

According to the scale bar, the planet is only 1/10 of 1 inch in diameter.

tiny tiny tiny planet

I wonder if Paul Davies has begun scouring its 50 square mm surface for signs of intelligent life?

0 thoughts on “Canadian astronomers discover the world’s smallest planet!”

  1. The world’s smallest planet?

    I’m standing on it.

    I can report to a breathlessly eager readership that it has the texture of some sort of tautological oxmyoron.

  2. even more amazing, and apparrently overlooked, is the discovery of the ‘worlds’ smallest sun!- at approximately 1 inch across, we should be able to bottle that one and run the rest of the planet? inch… light year… whisker… smidgeon…

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