The text message fairy

American mobile phone plans are a bit weird. For one thing, an individual contract is comparatively expensive, but a two phone contract – one for me and one for Mrs TTE – isĀ  extremely cheap.

Many mobile contracts also charge an additional fee for a text message service. It would cost us an extra $10-$15 per month, ridiculous. Captain Frugal says no!

Consequently, we cannot send, nor receive text messages. I am sure there is much text floating around the infinite airwaves, with a single futile objective, to trigger my 2001 Nokia’s “hello moto” ring tone.

There is one exception, my sister’s phone. It has a mysterious tardis-like power to send messages through the ether from distant lands. She tells me about buying apartments, reminds me about family birthdays and worries about earthquakes.

This morning, at 4am, “hello moto” informed me of the Gillard-Rudd showdown.

Getting four text messages in a year is quite a novelty, very 1999.

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